To make finding them easier, here's a list of the completed popup (folding) camper (tent trailer) mods (modifications) I've made available in the forum at

1997 Viking 2060ST Restoration
Tools, methods and materials used to disassemble and reconstruct my popup camper (tent trailer) from the ground to the tops of the walls.

Details include frame prep, painting the frame, additional floor support, mud flaps, OSB decking, vinyl flooring, custom rear bench, lift cable and pully replacement (L&W lift system), storage compartment framing, wall framing, 1/8" Luan wall paneling and more.

Guide to adding brakes to a popup camper axle
How to remove idler hubs and install a Dexter Axle electric brake kit on a 2000lb TorsionFlex axle (with or without EZ-Lube bearings). Pics, instructional videos and help files.

Related Files

1/2" to 1-1/2" Camper Sink Drain Conversion
How to convert the stock 1/2 drain to 1-1/2" using ABS pipe and sump pump drain hose.

Portable Solar Tracker
How to build an easy to use single axis portable solar tracker that automatically repositions a 100 watt solar panel using a 9.6 volt cordless drill motor.

Bedliner Roof Coating
How to restore a badly damaged aluminum camper roof using spray applied U-Pol Raptor tintable bedliner and automotive body filler.

Roof Vent Computer Fan
Add an inexpensive computer fan with aluminum frame, ducting, speed dial and on/off switch to an unpowered RV roof vent.

Here's the Fan-Tastic-Model900-fanbracket.pdf (135 KB Adobe Acrobat) file that you can print off and use as a template to lay out the fan mounting frame. You'll need Adobe Reader to view the file.

Viking Roof Gasket Replacement
Removal and replacement of the stock vinyl roof seal (roof gasket) with self-adhesive foam rubber trunk lid seal.

BAL 208050 Light Trailer Leveler Storage & Carry
Add a 1-1/2" ABS storage tube for the jack screw and trunnion with PVC clips to hold the frame of the leveler together during storage and transport.

Emergency Roof Braces
How to make your temporary lift post supports using ABS pipe. It will happen eventually, so be prepared in the event that you break a lift cable.

Portable Field (Camping) Sinks
How to build lightweight low-cost portable field sinks with 1-1/2" drains using materials that are commonly found at Walmart and most building centers.

LED light conversion
(Review) Replacing stock 1141 incandescent ceiling and porch light bulbs with 200 lumen 6500K "Revolution" bulbs by Star Lights.

3-way Propane Tank Fitting
How to build a 3-way propane adapter using a bronze tee and QCC fittings.

PVC Flagpole Dog Tie Out
Build a rotating pet tie out to prevent your pet from becoming tangled in their leash while tied up at the campsite.

RV Stove Electronic Ignitor
How to add an electronic ignitor module to the indoor/outdoor propane stove on your camper.

Outdoor Countertop Shelf
How to build a detachable outdoor shelf that adds counter space beside your camper stove using materials commonly found in any building center.

Collapsible Wire Shelving
How to add storage capacity to your camper with wire shelving and materials commonly found in most hardware stores.

Bunkend Bungee Button Replacements (Chair Glide mod)
Replace broken, damaged or missing plastic or metal bungee buttons with chair glides and "T" nuts.