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I'm DIY "country boy" who grew up on the Manitoba prairies. Finding myself a "noob" owner of a used and badly neglected 1996 Viking Legend 2060ST popup (pup) camper, I wanted to know as much as I could about it, so I searched the web to find tips, tricks and answers to the questions I had.

It didn't take long to find them at the Popup Portal. The information I was able to find there has no doubt saved me many thousands of dollars and quite possibly hundreds of hours of frustration.

I was pretty discouraged when I realized what a disaster I had on my hands but the portal members were right there to provide encouragement, share their experiences and provide some extremely helpful advice.

Viking 2060ST

Two years later, I find myself quite at home, offering what I hope is helpful advice and even sharing a few laughs.

To Steve and the staff who run the portal, I offer my sincere appreciation. To the members who make up the community, it's been great getting to know you all. Thanks for your patience, your humour and your kind words. It's an honour to be counted among you.

If you currently own a pup, are considering buying one and you have questions you can't find answers to; if you're looking for information regarding routine maintenance, leveling your camper's roof or the scoop on where to find parts,check out the Popup Portal. We'll be waiting for you.